Spider-Man: No Way Home Is Already a Billion-Dollar Movie

Spider-Man: No Way Home has broken all pandemic records — and it’s impressive even by non-pandemic standards. The new Spider-Man movie has crossed the billion-dollar milestone at the worldwide box office after adding $206.5 million (roughly Rs. 1,549 crore) this past weekend. It did so in 12 days. That makes Spider-Man: No Way Home the third-fastest film to do so, behind Avengers: Endgame’s five days and 11 days for Avengers: Infinity War. (Marvel is the indisputable ruler.) It’s the first film to gross a billion dollars — $1.05 billion (roughly Rs. 7,882 crore) as yet — during the COVID-19 cinema crisis. And one of the few films ever to do so without the help of China.

It’s also lighting up India. Since its release on December 16, Spider-Man: No Way Home has earned about Rs. 223 crore ($29.7 million, to be exact) at the India box office. That puts Tom Holland’s third Spider-Man movie close to the 20 biggest movies of all time in India. (Endgame is in the top five.) For Sony Pictures India, Spider-Man: No Way Home is already its biggest movie of all time — and the second biggest globally for Sony Pictures behind its direct predecessor, Spider-Man: Far From Home, that made $1.13 billion (roughly Rs. 8,483 crore) during its pandemic-free run in 2019.

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India is the eight biggest market for Spider-Man: No Way Home. The largest naturally is the US and Canada combined — they added $85.1 million (roughly Rs. 638 crore) this weekend to take their total to $467.3 million (roughly Rs. 3,507 crore). The new Spider-Man movie brought in an additional $121.4 million (roughly Rs. 911 crore) from 61 markets elsewhere, with their combined total now at $587.1 million (roughly Rs. 4,406 crore). The biggest of them are the UK ($68.9 million), Mexico ($52.8 million), South Korea ($41.1 million), France ($35.8 million), Brazil ($31.7 million), Australia ($31.4 million), India ($29.7 million), Russia ($28.5 million), Italy ($21.2 million) and Germany ($20 million).

Spider-Man: No Way Home has also broken IMAX’s 2021 record, having garnered $61.5 million (roughly Rs. 461 crore) in the large-screen premium format as yet.

Meanwhile, The Matrix Resurrections — which expanded its rollout globally last week — added $57.7 million (roughly Rs. 433 crore) in five days since its release on Wednesday, December 22 in India, the US, and beyond. The gross total stands at $69.8 million (roughly Rs. 523 crore), with $22.5 million (roughly Rs. 168 crore) from the US and Canada, and the remaining $47.3 million (roughly Rs. 355 crore) from all other territories worldwide. The biggest markets are Japan ($7.1 million), Russia ($5.9 million), the UK ($3.9 million), France ($3.1 million), and Mexico ($2.2 million). In the US, The Matrix Resurrections is also available via HBO Max. Italy (January 1) and China (January 14) are still to come.

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