Detailed images of the Nothing phone (1) emerge, show out black variant

The long-anticipated Nothing phone (1) is nearly here after months of hype. So far we’ve only seen the phone (1) in its white colorway but now WinFuture shared a bunch of official images for the device including a black color variant. Just like the white-colored model the black-colored model also comes with the Glyph interface […]

Xiaomi Black Shark 5S series specs tipped

After the Black Shark 5 series made it to global markets earlier this month we turn our attention to the next members in the gaming phone series. The Black Shark 5S and 5S Pro are next in line and reliable tipsterDigital Chat Station shared some preliminary specs for the two devices. Black Shark 5S and […]

Scientists Detect Fastest-Growing Black Hole in the Universe

Scientists have discovered the fastest-growing black hole in the last 9 billion years. The black hole, which sends multi-wavelength light blazing across the universe, shines 7,000 times brighter than the entire Milky Way galaxy. Due to this, it is also known as a quasar. For those who don’t know, quasars are one of the brightest […]

Astronomers Suspect Detection Of Rogue Black Hole In Milky Way

Black Holes, first seen in 2019, have been detected at multiple occasions thereafter. Earlier this year, an astronomer spotted an object that was suspected to be the first-ever rogue black hole drifting in the Milky Way galaxy. As reported earlier this week, a separate team of scientists have reached a similar conclusion through independent analysis, […]

Vaio SX12, Vaio SX14 Along With All Black Edition Laptops Launched: Details

Vaio SX12 and Vaio SX14 laptops along with their All Black Edition models have been launched in Japan and the US. The laptops are powered by the 12th generation Intel Core processors. While the regular models get 16GB of RAM and 512GB PCIe SSD, the All Black Edition models come fitted with 32GB of RAM […]

Astronomers May Have Discovered a Dark Free-Floating Black Hole

A team of astronomers from the University of California, Berkeley, has discovered what appears to be a free-floating black hole for the first time by observing the brightening of a more distant star as its light was distorted by the object’s strong gravitational field — a phenomenon known as gravitational microlensing. The unseen compact object’s […]

Black Shark 5, Black Shark 5 Pro Gaming Smartphones Launched: All Details

Black Shark launched its gaming flagship Black Shark 5 series, including the vanilla Black Shark 5 and the Black Shark 5 Pro, globally on Thursday, June 9. These handsets are powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 series chipsets. For gaming, they are equipped with magnetic pop-up triggers, a 144Hz display, and a liquid cooling system, The […]

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Black Yak Edition Launched: All the Details

Samsung has launched a limited edition of the Galaxy Watch 4 in collaboration with fashion and apparel brand Black Yak in the South Korean market. The Galaxy Watch 4 Black Yak Edition is a Bluetooth-only model that is particularly designed for mountaineers. The smartwatch is part of the South Korean company’s eco-friendly campaign and will […]

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