Climate Tech Firm to Launch DAC Plant in Iceland to Capture CO2 From Air

Construction is due to begin on Wednesday on what could become the world’s biggest plant to capture carbon dioxide from the air and deposit it underground, the company behind the nascent green technology said. Swiss start-up Climeworks AG said its second large-scale direct air capture (DAC) plant will be built in Iceland in 18-24 months, […]

Honeycomb Structures on Mars May Be Created by Water, Ice, and Co2

The Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter has come up with a stunning photo of the Red Planet once again. This time, the HiRISE camera (High-Resolution Imaging Science Experiment), on the orbiter, caught a glimpse of a landscape laced with a distinct honeycomb or spider-web pattern. These loosely polygonal shapes obviously are not created by Martian bees or […]

This Battery-Like Device Can Absorb CO2 Emissions While Charging

Researchers at the University of Cambridge have designed a battery-like device that can take us a step further to solve the carbon dioxide emission problems in the present world. This supercapacitor device can selectively absorb CO2 during its charging process. When the battery-like device discharges, it will release the carbon dioxide in a controlled manner […]

US Launches $3.5 Billion Programme to Capture and Store CO2

The US Energy Department launched a programme on Thursday to fund four large-scale projects across the country that can remove carbon dioxide from the air, investing $3.5 billion (roughly Rs. 27,130 crore) in a nascent technology the Biden administration says is necessary to meet a goal of achieving net zero emissions by mid century. The agency […]

Researchers Discover a Way to Make Jet Fuel From CO2

A new breakthrough could help reduced the carbon footprint of air travel, with the aim to bring emissions by jets to net zero. A team of researchers from Oxford University has successfully managed to turn carbon dioxide (CO2) into jet fuel, though as of now the experiment was performed at a very small scale. As […]

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