Raspberry Pi Faces First-Ever Price Increase Due to Global Chip Shortage

The Raspberry Pi is seeing its first price hike, thanks to the global semiconductor shortage, and some are linking this to the rise of crypto mining, among other issues. For over a year now cryptocurrency miners, gamers, and even automobile manufacturers have been coping with a crippling shortage of semiconductors. Demand has been skyrocketing and […]

El Salvador- First To Adopt Bitcoin As Legal Currency, Eyes ‘Greener’ Crypto Mining

Salvadoran government in September began harnessing geothermal energy for bitcoinmining El Salvador’s unfolding experiment as a first-adopter of the crytocurrency bitcoin could be increasingly powered by new streams of renewable energy, the chief of the country’s hydroelectric commission told reporters on Friday. Energy-intensive cryptocurrency “mining” is done by computers, and has come under criticism from […]

US Becomes Largest Bitcoin Mining Centre After China Crackdown

The United States has overtaken China to account for the largest share of the world’s Bitcoin mining, data published on Wednesday by Britain’s Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance showed. The figures demonstrate the impact of a crackdown on Bitcoin trading and mining launched by China’s State Council, or cabinet, in late May, which devastated the […]

Cryptocurrency Promoter Pleads Guilty to Advising North Korea Evade Sanctions

A prominent American cryptocurrency promoter and former hacker has pleaded guilty to advising North Korea on using virtual money to avoid international controls, a New York court said Monday. Virgil Griffith, who is based in Singapore, launched projects in 2018 to provide services to individuals in North Korea by developing and financing cryptocurrency structures, including […]

$3 To $30,000: Indian American Siblings’ Crypto Story. They Are 14 And 9

Ishan and Aanya have set a goal to fund their college education with their earnings Just seven months back, two young Indian American siblings started mining cryptocurrency as a hobby. Today, 14-year-old Ishan and nine-year-old Aanya have set a goal to fund their college education with their earnings – about $30,000 a month. How were […]

Cryptocurrency Mining, Trading to Face Crackdown in China’s Hebei

The cyberspace commission in China’s northern Hebei province said it will cooperate with other government departments to crack down on virtual currency mining and trading, the latest move in the country’s cryptocurrency crackdown. The province’s educational department, public security department, local financial regulatory bureau, and communications administration will also participate in the crackdown, the commission’s […]

Watch: How Bitcoin Mining Fell in China Even Before Crackdown

The Cambridge Bitcoin Electricity Consumption Index by Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance (CCAF) shows how notably Bitcoin mining fell in China even before the latest nationwide crackdown began. It shows that China’s share of mining fell from 75 percent in September 2019 to 46 percent in April 2021, two months before the country banned cryptocurrency […]

Are Cryptocurrencies an Environmental Catastrophe?

While more and more people across the world are warming up to the idea of cryptocurrencies, there are several concerns regarding their widespread adoption as a mode of financial transaction. In addition to the lack of centralised regulation, the argument against cryptocurrencies is their ability to adversely affect the environment. Let us consider Bitcoin, arguably […]

“DeFi” Crime Hits Record High In First 7 Months Of 2021: CipherTrace

DeFi sector registered criminal losses of a record $474 million from January to July. Losses from theft, hacks, and fraud in “decentralized finance” or DeFi, a thriving segment in the cryptocurrency sector, hit an all-time high in the first seven months of the year, a report from crypto intelligence company CipherTrace showed on Tuesday. But […]

Watch: Steamroller Destroys Bitcoin Mining Rigs Worth Crores in Malaysia

Bitcoin mining rigs were crushed by the Malaysian police with a steamroller, a video of which has now gone viral on YouTube. The police last week crushed more than a thousand electronic rigs used by Bitcoin miners illegally, with a steamroller. Authorities in the city of Miri in the coastal Sarawak state reportedly seized 1,069 […]

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