Hubble Space Telescope Shares Incredible Image of Little Sombrero Galaxy

Astronomers can now see galaxies of all shapes and sizes from nearly every angle, thanks to NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope. The mesmerising perspective of a galaxy seen edge-on reveals a dazzling slice of the universe. One such galaxy is the Little Sombrero, also known as NGC 7814 or Caldwell 43. On its official Instagram handle, […]

Find Out What Glitters In This New Galaxies Galore Image By NASA

The Hubble Space Telescope has revolutionised astronomy since its deployment in 1990. The telescope, which has a crystal-clear perspective of the universe and is far above rain clouds, light pollution, and atmospheric distortions, has taken some stunning photos of the most distant stars as well as planets in our solar system. A new image from the […]

NASA Shares Video of ‘Rocky Visit’ by Interstellar Comet Borisov

NASA’s Hubble telescope has captured the interstellar visitor Comet Borisov to our solar system and shared its movement as a runaway point of light in a time-lapse video. The agency said that it “was a rocky visit”. Discovered by amateur astronomer Gennady Borisov in 2019, it is the first confirmed comet to enter our solar […]

Wondered How Milky Way Galaxy Would Look From Away?

If something is close to our view, we tend to lose perspective. To have a clear picture, we need to create distance between ourselves and the view. Astronomers know the importance of visual separation far better than anyone else since they keep looking at the vastness of the Universe most of the time. But they […]

Hubble Space Telescope Captures a ‘Wispy Structure’ in Space

Hubble Space Telescope never lets us down when it comes to taking striking images of distant stars, full-fledged galaxies, and other stellar objects. Stunning us once again, the telescope has shared an image of a picturesque phenomenon occurring on a young star. What we see is a jet of gas like no other. NASA and […]

How Does the Cat’s Eye Nebula Sound Like? NASA Post Offers an Idea

A nebula is a giant cloud of dust and gas occupying the space between stars. We have seen many images of different kinds of nebulae, thanks to the observatories scientists have made over the years. Now, can you imagine how these cosmic clouds appear when interpreted as sound? NASA‘s Hubble Space Telescope has shared a […]

See the Universe Lit Up in New Images Combining Hubble, Chandra X-Ray Data

NASA has shared a set of three images from the universe on social media, highlighting the collaboration between its two observatories. The collaboration showed what kind of images could be produced when you look at the same object in two wavelengths of light. NASA said the images were created by combining the data from its […]

Is It a Spaceship? See What Hubble Space Telescope Captured

NASA’s Hubble telescope is known to capture spectacular glimpses of spatial objects as it is placed strategically and has an unrestricted view of the universe. It recently released an image of a group of three galaxies, collectively known as NGC 7764A. Placed in the constellation Phoenix, these galaxies are about 425 million light-years from the Earth. […]

Hubble Captures Images of a Uniquely-Shaped Galaxy

Hubble Space Telescope provides astronomers with breathtaking images of the cosmos for deeper studies. Recently, the telescope shared yet another strikingly beautiful image. This time, it captured the NGC 3318 galaxy, which lies in the constellation Vela, located about 115 million light-years away from the Earth. The image was shared by the European Space Agency […]

NASA Shares Stunning Image of Quasars Merging Into One

NASA has shared an image that shows two stunningly luminous centres of light surrounded by what appears to be waves of gases let loose in the sky. NASA said the two lights are recently discovered quasars that appear to be merging into a single object. Quasars are distant objects that shine so brightly that they […]

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