NASA Further Deploys Solar Panel Array on Lucy Spacecraft: Details

NASA’s Lucy spacecraft mission was successful in further deploying the solar panel array that will power the craft, according to the space agency. The mission team was able to deploy the unlatched solar array between 353 degrees and 357 degrees open. NASA’s team performed the operation remotely, and the solar array is now under more […]

China Opposes NASA Official’s Remark Over Its Space Mission

China on Monday opposed remarks made by an official of NASA on its space program after the administrator of US space agency Bill Nelson said that Beijing’s space program is a “military” space program. Addressing a press briefing, Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Zhao Lijian said that it is not the first time that NASA has […]

NASA’s DART Mission May Severely Deform Asteroid, Says Study

NASA’s Double Asteroid Redirection Test (DART) mission is the world’s first full-scale planetary defence test against potential asteroid impacts on Earth. Researchers now show that instead of leaving behind a relatively small crater, the impact of the DART spacecraft on its target could leave the asteroid near unrecognisable. A giant asteroid impact on the Earth […]

World UFO Day 2022: What Are UFOs and How Did the Theories Originate

World UFO Day is marked annually on July 2 to spread awareness about the existence of mysterious Unidentified Flying Objects. These strange objects have been sparking controversy and curiosity in the minds of many for decades. However, the existence of UFOs has always remained in question. The World UFO Day aims to encourage people to […]

Why NASA Equipped Its Antarctic Balloon Mission With a Massive Mirror

NASA is working to send a telescope up in the stratosphere using a balloon larger than a football field. The space agency has announced that it has equipped the telescope with a giant mirror which will help gather light for the instrument. The telescope will be deployed over Antarctica to study astrophysical phenomena as part of its […]

Webb Telescope: NASA to Reveal Deepest Image Ever Taken of Universe

NASA administrator Bill Nelson said on Wednesday that the agency will reveal the “deepest image of our universe that has ever been taken” on July 12, thanks to the newly operational James Webb Space Telescope. “If you think about that, this is farther than humanity has ever looked before,” Nelson said during a press briefing […]

China’s Tianwen-1 Spacecraft Captures Images of Entire Planet of Mars

An uncrewed Chinese spacecraft has acquired imagery data covering all of Mars, including visuals of its south pole, after circling the planet more than 1,300 times since early last year, state media reported on Wednesday. China’s Tianwen-1 successfully reached the Red Planet in February 2021 on the country’s inaugural mission there. A robotic rover has […]

NASA Launches First of Three Rockets to Study Habitable Star Conditions

NASA recently launched the first of three rockets headed to the stars Alpha Centauri A and B — the two stars closest to our solar system. Launched from Australia on June 26, the X-ray Quantum Calorimeter (XQC) mission is the first to be launched from a commercial facility outside the US. The first rocket will […]

NASA Could Use Phone-Sized Robots to Explore Oceans on Distant Planets

NASA is working to develop a swarm of cell-phone-sized swimming robots in a bid to bolster its exploration and dig deeper for signs of life on distant planets. These Sensing With Independent Micro-Swimmers (SWIM) robots are being designed with the ability to swim in oceans covered in thick layers of ice, while looking for evidence of […]

NASA’s Perseverance Rover Examines the Wild Dust Winds on Mars

US space agency NASA’s Perseverance rover has been exploring Mars and digging for signs of life since it landed on the planet in February last year. Besides the rocks and alien atmosphere, the rover witnessed some intense dust winds called dust devils in the Jezero Crater. In a new study, scientists have tried to examine […]

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