Scientists Push Back Humanity’s Age By 30,000 Years After New Research

The dawn of humanity is a subject that has long intrigued us. Scientists have been trying to ascertain the precise date of origin for a long time but with little success. Every once in a while, they find fossils that push the date by a few more centuries. But the effort is still on. Scientists […]

Dinosaur-Killing Asteroid May Have Hit During Spring, Research Suggests

The extinction of dinosaurs took place about 66 million years ago but we are yet to know the full impact of the asteroid that wiped out this species. Scientists are still studying the disaster and continuously unearthing new aspects of the devastating impact. Now, researchers say that if the asteroid’s trajectory had been slightly different, […]

Volvo Cars Research Data Stolen in Cyberattack

Swedish manufacturer Volvo said Friday that hackers had stolen research and development data from its systems in a cyberattack. The company, owned by China’s Geely, “has become aware that one of its file repositories has been illegally accessed by a third party,” it said. “Investigations so far confirm that a limited amount of the company’s […]

Plant Roots Could Store Electricity Like Batteries, Research Finds

There has always been a hunt for new energy sources. From solar to hydro to coal, the world is continuously looking for the most sustainable and readily available energy source. But there is also a growing focus on finding newer ways to store that energy. Researchers at a Swedish university have found a store in one […]

Dr. Kamal Ranadive’s Cancer Research Lauded With Google Doodle on Her Birthday

Dr. Kamal Ranadive, known for her research in cancer, has her birth anniversary on November 8, and Google is celebrating Indian cell biologist with a doodle on the occasion. Ranadive was a founder member of the Indian Women Scientists’ Association, and is noted for her devotion to creating a more equitable society through science and […]

Research, Market Hours: How To Determine Whether Crypto Investment Is Useful

Even the smartest investor cannot wish away the risks associated with this new-age industry. The cryptocurrency market has come a long way since the first coin, Bitcoin, was released in 2009. Over the past two years, it has seen a rapid rise in value and attracted unprecedented attraction. Though a highly volatile industry, new investors […]

Giant Index With Millions of Research Papers Released Online for Free

With so much research getting published every day all over the world, a super-smart search engine has become essential to help parse through seemingly endless scores of academic papers. Faced with the challenge, a technologist has found a way to unlock the world’s research papers for easier computerised analysis. He has released an index of […]

Can E-Cigarettes Help People Quit Smoking? This Research Says No

Vaping e-cigarettes may not be useful in helping people quit smoking, a recent research suggests. The United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention had earlier suggested that smokers could switch from puffing cigarettes to vaping e-cigarettes if they were unable to quit smoking. This came with one condition: smokers would have to completely switch […]

Celebrities’ Instagram Linked to Negative Feelings, Shows Facebook Research

Major social media stars including Kim Kardashian, Justin Bieber, and Charli D’Amelio are among celebrities whose Instagram followers experience more negative feelings about their self-image, according to internal Facebook research revealed by the Wall Street Journal this week, raising questions about the impact of celebrity culture online. The Journal released the leaked research slide decks […]

Facebook Plans to Highlight Its Positive Research on Instagram and Teens

Facebook, under criticism over internal data showing its Instagram app damaged the mental health of teenagers, plans to highlight during a US Senate hearing on Thursday what it argues were more positive impacts, according to the company’s prepared testimony seen by Reuters. Antigone Davis, global head of safety at Facebook, will detail the company’s previously announced […]

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