Scientists Push Back Humanity’s Age By 30,000 Years After New Research

The dawn of humanity is a subject that has long intrigued us. Scientists have been trying to ascertain the precise date of origin for a long time but with little success. Every once in a while, they find fossils that push the date by a few more centuries. But the effort is still on. Scientists […]

Watch Video: Scientists Teach Goldfish to Drive Robotic Car

In a recent experiment, scientists have taught a goldfish to operate a robotic car. The experiment was an attempt to test the navigational abilities of goldfish and study animal behaviour. The robotic car was specially designed to suit this purpose. The Fish Operated Vehicle (FOV), designed by scientists from Ben Gurion University of the Negev […]

In a First, Scientists Measure Brightness Oscillations in a Neutron Star

The Sun is our very own star placed at the centre of the Solar System. Despite being the closest star to Earth, scientists are still trying to understand the Sun’s core which often triggers massive solar winds towards our planet. While that is an ongoing research, an international group of scientists has tried to study […]

Scientists Find ‘Largest Cluster’ Free-Floating Planets

Rogue planets have baffled astronomers for ages. Unlike regular planets which revolve around stars, these free-floating planets (FFPs) get ejected from star systems to move about in the galaxy on their own. In the latest discovery, astronomers found the largest cluster of rogue planets in a single star-forming region. With an approximate discovery of 100 […]

Life on Venus? MIT Scientists Say Theoretically Possible

The quest for life on planets other than ours has long held the attention of scientists. But most of their efforts have been unable to conclusively say if life really exists beyond Earth. From Moon to Mars, scientists have launched many probes and missions to uncover the mysteries. Venus, one of the most inhospitable planets […]

Earth’s Surface Water May Have Come From Space, Scientists Believe

Earth looks incredible when seen from space, thanks to its blue cover of water bodies. Astronomers have captured the breathtaking beauty of our planet in countless photographs and videos. But has this planet always been like what it is today? How did 70 percent of Earth’s surface get covered with water? Scientists have long argued […]

Scientists Say Nearby Star’s Massive Eruption Is a Warning for Earth

A star younger than our Sun but similar in size has got scientists worried and they say everyone should be worried too. The star, called EK Draconis, is located dozens of lights years away from us and has been spewing out massive fireworks. Scientists recently watched it having an energy blast and ejecting charged particles […]

A Moon Fragment Is Orbiting Sun Along With Earth, Scientists Say

New observations suggest a celestial object tracking Earth’s orbit just about 9 miles (14.5km) away from the planet is a fragment of the Moon. Astronomers say the fragment was tossed into space possibly after an ancient lunar collision. The asteroid, named Kamo’oalewa, is about the size of a Ferris wheel but a lot fainter than […]

Scientists Simulate Climate of Frank Herbert’s Dune. What They Found

American author Frank Herbert described a fictitious world in the 1960s in his epic sci-fi book series Dune, which has now been turned into a movie of the same name. The book, which took the author six years to complete, is set in a distant future on Arrakis, a desert planet. Herbert’s depiction of Arrakis […]

Whale Language May Be Soon Decoded by AI, Scientists Suggest

Scientists may not be very far away from decoding the language of whales. An interdisciplinary group of scientists have started collecting data in order to use artificial intelligence (AI) to understand how whales communicate. The project has been named Cetacean Translation Initiative (CETI). The first talks about the possibility to decode sperm whale sounds took […]

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