Webb Telescope: NASA to Reveal Deepest Image Ever Taken of Universe

NASA administrator Bill Nelson said on Wednesday that the agency will reveal the “deepest image of our universe that has ever been taken” on July 12, thanks to the newly operational James Webb Space Telescope. “If you think about that, this is farther than humanity has ever looked before,” Nelson said during a press briefing […]

NASA Launches ‘Mini Hubble’ Telescope From Australian Outback

In the first of three planned launches from the Arnhem Space Centre, the rocket, carrying technology likened to a “mini Hubble” telescope, lifted off – blasted about 350 kilometres (218 miles) into the night sky. “It is a momentous occasion for us as a company in particular, but it’s historic for Australia,” Equatorial Launch Australia […]

NASA Says Tiny Meteoroid Struck James Webb Space Telescope in May

A tiny meteoroid struck the newly deployed James Webb Space Telescope in May, knocking one of its gold-plated mirrors out of alignment but not changing the orbiting observatory’s schedule to become fully operational shortly, NASA said on Wednesday. The little space rock hit the $10 billion (roughly Rs. 780 crore) telescope sometime in late May and […]

Near-Infrared Image From Hubble Telescope Reveals Most Distant Galaxies

An international team of scientists has released the Hubble Space Telescope’s largest near-infrared image ever, allowing astronomers to map the universe’s star-forming regions and learn how the oldest, most distant galaxies formed. This high-resolution scan, dubbed 3D-DASH, will allow researchers to locate unusual objects and targets for follow-up studies with the James Webb Space Telescope, […]

NASA’s James Webb Telescope Almost Ready To Go On Solar System Exploration

Our wait seems to be nearing its end as NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope is in its final stages of completion before being launched to explore the solar system. The Webb team is undertaking the final stages of commissioning the essential instruments aboard the observatory. Technical operations have also begun to test these instruments. The […]

Hubble Space Telescope Shares Incredible Image of Little Sombrero Galaxy

Astronomers can now see galaxies of all shapes and sizes from nearly every angle, thanks to NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope. The mesmerising perspective of a galaxy seen edge-on reveals a dazzling slice of the universe. One such galaxy is the Little Sombrero, also known as NGC 7814 or Caldwell 43. On its official Instagram handle, […]

NASA’s James Webb Telescope Images Compared With Spitzer

NASA’s Spitzer Space Telescope’s Infrared Array Camera achieved great feats for the American Space agency. The retired observatory has captured several spectacular images of the deep space until recently. It was the first of its kind to provide high-resolution images of the near- and mid-infrared universe. And, now, we are glad that it has received […]

Check These Iconic Images Of Galaxies Captured By Hubble Telescope

Over the years, the Hubble Space Telescope has captured some breathtaking images of the cosmos, giving us a peek into a world many of us will not have even imagined. From capturing stunning galaxies hundreds of light-years away to noticing the quiet, undramatic passage of planets by Earth, Hubble has been our eyes in space. […]

Gravity Telescope Concept Developed by Stanford Scientists: What It Can Do

The first exoplanet was discovered in 1992. Since then, astronomers have discovered almost 5,000 planets orbiting other stars. However, whenever a new exoplanet is discovered, little information is available about it. All that is known is that the exoplanet exists and it has a few characteristics. Everything else, though, remains a mystery. To address this […]

James Webb Space Telescope Will Help Observe Over 100 Galaxies at a Time

The James Webb Space Telescope, the most powerful observatory ever sent to space, is gearing up to begin its science mission this summer. In the run-up to that milestone, work is underway to deploy the many instruments aboard the $10 billion (roughly Rs. 76,165 crore) telescope. One of those instruments is NIRSpec, the Near Infrared […]

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